Sneaky’s Journey 6, Multi-way Escape

When I make these maps I usually end up playing the game 3 or 4 times. The first time is for fun, the map is just my way of making notes as I go. If I get stuck I check the comments on Escape Games The second is to make sure the objects are all in their proper rooms. The third and fourth are to try and get a low score, so when I got a score of 20,000 something I thought I had done well. Then I saw the leader’s score was a little under 3,000. I blame my computer.

Here is my map:

This game is found here.

Another new game from Selfdefiant is this multi-way escape. It doesn’t lend itself to a map like walkthrough but I did it because I wanted to draw some new graphics.

Here is my solution:

This game is found here.

Now some old business, a castle on the lawn, (from a Sneaky’s 4th journey).


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