Sneaky’s Journey 9 and something else

This one was nearly unique because it would have been the one that I could not solve.

I was blistering along, (for me), and then I hit a block, I couldn’t get the solution to the yellow gemstone puzzle.

I started playing as the Vancouver and San Jose game got underway, and at the end of the second period I had everything but that blasted yellow gemstone. I knew the clue and I knew where to put it but I couldn’t make the damn clue fit. The only hint I had was that the posters at Escape Games 24 were totally unaware of the difficulty of the puzzle.

I was stuck. And when I am stuck like this I like to remember the lesson I learned from an old book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in which stuck is well defined. His problem starts with a simple stripped screw head and ends with either heaving the machineĀ  into a lake or reviewing the whole situation and calming the fuck down. I went to bed. I got up again at 4 AM, solved the problem, began working on the map, went to work and had a good day.

Which ends now with me posting this map:

to the game that is found here.


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