Sandy Beach Escape

What a fun game this was to play! I only ran into a problem with the picture frame in room N, I swear I clicked everywhere but the hot spot.

So without further ado, here is my mapthrough for this game:


Incase anyone is still in the dark about my motives for making these mapthroughs it is so that I can keep my hand in with photoshop. In this map you might notice I’ve redrawn the gemstones using the gradient overlay effect to make the white radii.

The glow inside the rooms was created by using the stroke effect and the gradient tool found inside it. It is the only gradient tool that has a shape burst option. In the previous mapthrough I used the inner glow effect to create the same kind of look. The other options to make this glow are the gradient effect which gives you the ability to move the center of focus but doesn’t have a shape burst option, and the main gradient tool set to fade to transparent which has to be applied from room to room. I’m happy I found another use for the stroke effect.

One further thing for me to address is to thank Zoz for nominating me as the official map maker for SSSG games and to SD hizzelf for seconding my nomination. That made my day!


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I could get to like this.
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