Sneaky’s Travels & You Are Not Going To Believe This

I’m getting caught up. I like the butterflies they’re fun to draw.

So here is the map for this game, small though it may be, it is still not a cake walk!

Just for the record I’m going to say what I’ve said before so that we are clear: there are many game composers out there but no one is like SD.

I play the game, usually a couple of hours after it has been posted live, then when I get stuck I go to Escape Games 24 and read the posts from the beginning. As I read the posts I’m all like “Oh, I found that”, and, “psssht, that was an easy find, what were you thinking?” then somebody posts the answer to the problem I have, like, “Red gem in room H” and then I’m like, “I was all over room H, what are you talking about!!”, then I go back to room H and find the red gem, it keeps me humble… ish.  So thanks to all at EG24 for the fun.

You are not going to believe this, but after all these months of following super sneaky spy guy’s adventures I got this untraceable email in my inbox:

Aruba… it had to be Aruba.

I landed on the sun drenched beach and took to cover under the majestic palms as I had planned. I stripped down to my basic fedora and trench coat then started out toward my target. A cardinal caught my eye, perched by his bird house, and as I was thinking how incongruous that was I espied the couple by the pool. I skulked into the tepid shadows even further then slyly peered once again, just to be sure. Of all the languid pools with a swim up bar in all the opulent beach side resorts on all the gorgeous islands in all the tropical seas on earth why did she have to be here? No particular reason I suppose.

I went on to successfully complete my mission but all the time distracted by the niggling worry of why when you need to shoo away a bird you almost always get a slingshot and almost never get a lacrosse stick.

Sincerely SSSG not!



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