Abandoned Halls

Thank you Selfdefiant, I really liked this game, you are hitting on all cylinders! The entries in the diary are disturbingly funny. I played until I cracked the leader board. I got 3rd place and I think that’s the best I can do as I just can’t click on the orbs any faster.

For those of you who want to challenge the leader board here’s a hint: It makes a difference how you organize your inventory, for instance you can walk to place the yellow, blue and white gems but you have to use the map to place the red, orange and green ones. Keeping that in mind, I strove to group the map, screwdriver, knife, hammer, green gem, red gem, and orange gem together while, in the mean time, using some of those spaces to hold things that would later disappear, most notably the amulet pieces.

See those room auras? They mean something!

I also determined that it makes sense to carry some items without placing them in your inventory, as (I suppose everyone knows) you can click on orbs even while your hand is full.

Now I’m going to gush a bit…. The crystal ball is a stroke of genius. While the whole game is clever and challenging, once you know all the answers to all the puzzles and where everything is located you still have to solve the mystery of the crystal ball! And the thing about that is it’s a four freaking dimensional puzzle that you try to use to race to the end. For me, that’s the hours of fun.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who posts at EG24 especially  @Rookwings for taking the time to look at my map and notice that I missed an orb in the room I like to refer to as the Bog, and thanks also to @Katharina for her nice comment.


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