Escape Lush Villa

It’s very early in the morning here and I have just finished this map. A smart person would have waited until tomorrow to do it, but that would not be me.

I did learn something while making this map; I took time to draft a pair of pliers which I did all on my own, (that is without a reference model)… I’ll continue this story after you take a gander at my map:

See that little detail in the bottom right?Anyway, after I finished my drawing I did an image search and discovered that the pliers which I drew do not exist in reality. The jaws, (blunt nosed with a gaping hole), belong to a type called combination pliers which have a slip joint. Pliers with a fixed joint and a blunt nose, are called side-cutting pliers and don’t have that gaping hole, rather they have a pair of beveled edges that are used to cut wire.

So, that’s reality, but interesting to me is that all the clip art that came up during my minutes of research depicted pliers that were strikingly similar to mine. That leads me to wonder… does this irk trades persons?

Penultimately I would like to point you to my ImageBam gallery for this map. It is such an image filled map that I decided to post one without the text. It’s the first time I’ve done that.

And finally, I’ve got to voice my admiration for Selfdefiant. His creativity and exceptional technical ability have earned him all the kudos in the world. Thanks sir for all your games.


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