Sneaky’s Travels 4

Nope, not… no way! I’m not doing it!!! I am not going to try and draw a kerosene lamp, with all it’s brass and glass. That’s just asking too much. After all, I already drew/drafted this:

I had to crop the image to make it fit in room “J” which I have titled “Spool Table  ^#@(“. Does that title make it look like I’m saying, “Spool Table… goddamnitijuststubbedmytoe!”? Or is that just me?

Anyway, back to the topic, I also made this:so expecting me to also create an intricate drawing like a kerosene lamp is just unconscionable.

OK, I’ll try:

imagine a kerosene lamp

If it’s not good, that’s not my fault.

I actually made a map for this game, here it is:

PS about the music, I usually mute the music after a few minutes, not this time, it really evoked Hawaii for me. Ty SD.


Here it is,And now the map looks like this:

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