Abandoned Castle

(Warning: this post may be a little taradiddlitionous.)

Sometimes these maps just draw themselves. Personally… I think it could have done a better job. Judge for yourself:Actually, I’m kidding you. I made this map. I chose for it to be dark. I chose for it to be moody, and I chose to highlight the cavalier in the gallimaufrious background image.

Antitaradiddlitionally speaking this is a great game to play. You can check it out here. And if you want to know why my prose is so florid you should read the posters over here.

Now for the secret…

Zoom in on the Delft tile I used in the background and you will see that it is captioned. That caption shows, in pictographic form, a headphone, a bow and arrow, the Westinghouse logo, a torch, a blurry thing, and then what I can only interpret as a limp dick, and then a delta. This has to be the earliest ever advertisement for the Beatles hit A Hard Days Night.

You’re welcome.


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I could get to like this.
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