Sneaky’s Travels 7

Hello and to many of you welcome back, and to those of you who are new here, my heartiest greetings.

Wait. Who said that? That’s not my voice! There’s nothing inane about it. Here’s how I would say it,

I’m thinking…

While I’m thinking, I’ll show you the map I just made. It’s far from complete though it’s more complete than my usual initial map:

No one expects the Spanish inquisition. In fact if this game were named “The Spanish Inquisition”, you would then expect the Spanish inquisition. Since it’s not called The Spanish Inquisition there is every reason not to expect the Spanish inquisition. Welcome to my blog. There.

This fun and challenging new game containing one of my favorite SelfDefiant elements, the test tubes, can be found here. The gallery of my mapthroughs can be found here. And the blog post that I write can be found here.

Now I get to show you my penultimate  map.

This is the final map, I like it.

Now, about that batik, this is what I have so far:

And what I have is not much. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment. I’ll post this on the imagebam page so you can download it if you want to.


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I could get to like this.
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