Escape Tuscany

Once before SelfDefiant got me with a double clue in a puzzle box, but not this time! Is what I would like to say. However the truth is that without the help of Zoe and michjean who play the game live over here, I wouldn’t have found the sneaky coin. Our friend is right on track with this game and I hope you have tried your hardest to solve it before you look at my mapthrough. Here it is:

Well, not actually here but here for now.

Now I’m going to go back to drawing test tubes.

Update: The Final Map

I haven’t have finally finished adding the gold pieces. (Interesting note, I use the iconic gold 1 0z. Canadian Maple Leaf as the gold piece icon, my computer tells me that I could buy a real one for CAD $1,892.50! That makes Sneaky’s take per game $946,250.00. People with a numismatic, bent, (or who like to look at things they can’t afford), can check out the Canadian mint’s offerings here.). I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the background image or not. I do like how the road leads to the villa then, presumably, to the inlet beyond. Here it is:

PS: Some days I really need a proof reader and some days I really really need a proofreader.


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