Escape Grim Asylum

I really enjoyed this game, almost as much as I enjoyed drawing the new elements. It’s not done yet but as they say “tempus fugit”, and it’s about time I tempused my fugit to bed. Here is the map so far:

I have a mapthrough gallery going here, I suggest you look at it, the penultimate map is there and the final map may take me a few hours to complete.

It did. Here is the final map:

I may have already mentioned that I like the crystal ball component in SelfDefiant’s games. It’s not a humble object, the crystal ball. It glows. When you earn it, it bursts on the scene like a glowing ball of utmost adventure. But  there is a catch with the crystal ball, you have to earn it. Before you get the crystal ball, you have to use your sleuthing accumen, you have to solve a puzzle, use up a key and expend valuable game time. The crystal ball does not come easily.

I mentioned you have to use up a key to get the crystal ball. Keys are not all that humble either. When you find them, they’re all like, “I can open up whole new realms of adventure for you!”, and that makes you happy. But there’s a catch with the keys… you have to find them. They’re not just lying around.

To get this one key I know of, you have to use a plunger. On a disgusting, filthy toilet you have to use a plunger. Then you have to stick your bare hand into that disgusting, filthy toilet to retrieve the key, to get what? Ultimately, another key! The keys know you need them.

I’ll get back to my original topic, how great the orb thinks he is, but first there’s a couple of other things I’d like to get off my chest;

The puzzles. Aren’t they just so enigmatic. Well, that is, until you meet their friend, the clue. I’m not sure if the clue and the puzzle are actually friends, but I can see the attraction. They’re both schitzophrenic. I mean if you meet one of them, the next time you meet them they’re totally different! So I can see how they’d get along.

The tools. They’re humble. They do one thing, they do it very well, then they get out of your way and let you get on with your day. I like the tools, I respect the tools. I would hang out with the tools, but they’re not my favorite person. My favorite person is the true power behind the crystal ball.

I started off this little discussion mentioning the crystal ball, how great it was and all that. Blah… blah… blah. The real power behind the crystal ball is the most humble, generous and helpful individual in the entire game. He, or she, is really the dog of the game, (as in man, [or woman’s], best friend). S/he comes running up to you at the beginning of the game and says, “Is there anything I can do for you? Take notes? Draw pictures?”. It would get your slippers if it could.

I am talking, of course, about the map. The map looks you straight in the eyes and says, “This is your potential!”, and then, the map comes with you every step of the way. But at the end do you say, “Good job map?”. I’ll bet you don’t. I’ll bet none of you even realize what a true and faithful friend you have in the realm of the ones and zeros. So I propose that everyone take a moment now, and raise a glass of whatever libation you have handy and salute to the Yoda of our down time, sounds so much better than wasted time,  TO THE MAP.

What this has to do with the Beatles, I haven’t the slightest idea.


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