Sneaky Castle

OK. Here’s what I have so far:

So far I have a heap of troubles. Did you know that your computer can have a panic attack? It’s called a kernel panic. First photoshop wouldn’t start and now the computer won’t start. All my map making files are on that computer, all the more recent ones that is. If I can’t remedy this situation, I’ll have to redo the map on the old and slow computer, (sorry dear, but you are).

I t  a l l  s t a r t e d  many years ago when as an aspiring entrepreneur I decided to buy my first computer. I took it home and renamed the hard drive “Adam”.

Adam was followed by Adam 2, Adam 3, Adam 4, Adam 5, and Adam 6. I am typing on Adam 5 while Adam 6 stares blankly at me. Dead. Lifeless eyes. Black eyes.  Like a doll’s eyes. (Jaws 1975)

Well, daylight’s wastin’, my ImageBam gallery is here. The game can be found here. And the blog post that I write can be  found here.

Here is the final map that I and good old Adam 5 were able to put together:

I hope you enjoy it.


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I could get to like this.
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