Escape Mexican Beach 2

After only fifteen minutes on the open sea I had bugs in my teeth, my kidneys hurt and my fedora was soggy with salty sea spray. Well, I thought to myself, I got out of there once, I can get away again, maybe this time with a better boat. I pushed the tiller on my little skiff hard to starboard and promptly tumbled into the sea. The ocean waves soon obscured the boat, and the gold in my pockets was threatening to pull me under. I was struggling to stay at the surface when the sea carried me to the top of a swell. It was too late to notice that the boat had continued it’s course and had come around in a full circle and was now headed right toward my head so I did what any well trained operative would do, I ducked.

When I regained consciousness this is where I found myself:

And here are somethings I created for this map, first for the couch potatoes:

Now something that seems intriguing in it’s implications:


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I could get to like this.
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