Sneaky’s Crusade 2

No time to play. Evening shift starts today.

Here is the first update:

Update #2, after which I mull over all the garish errors I’ve committed. This is the direction I want to go… but I don’t think I’ve quite captured the pulchritudinous splendour that SSSG has found himself in.

I don’t like to predict my own actions but there’s a good chance this is the last update unless I do something with what I’ve learned. I’ll tell you what that is after you look at this…

You can click here to see where we are and some of it’s storied history. It’s a place called Palazzo Santa Croce in Positano, Italy. It has been host to such luminaries as Picasso and Steinbeck.

Nowadays if you have the pelf you too can stay there, ie:

Not my usual family safe content. 1. 2. 

Now seems like a good time to try this:



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I could get to like this.
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