Sneaky’s Crusade 4

I planned on having this map posted much earlier but work happened. So here it is now:

I hope you have fun playing this new crusade which you can find here.

Here is the treasure we are looking for:

So let’s go looking for it.

First lets upload that image to Google Images and see what it considers “visually similar”







Hell no!



A what?


Now let’s try adding some text to the image search. We’ll try “winged dragon”.






Cool… but nope. has this for sale. I’m not going to link to it, but that’s the url.




Cool also, but did I say, “fire breathing”? Nope.

(Note: There’s a fun fact later on that has the link to the site with this picture.)

Now, let’s try adding “bronze” to the description and look for, “bronze winged dragon”.

And look what shows up:

Winged dragon statue, Dragon bridge. Ljubljana. Slovenia




The SuperStock image is here.






Let’s see what Google has for the image search, “dragon bridge ljubljana”.

Is there a similar image, you judge…

It is the ruffles on the chest that did it for me.

Now look at this:
But the really fun fact that I alluded to earlier in this post is the reason that there’s no dragons in north america… “The Chinese dragon is a central figure of both good and evil in their fables and legends. According to the Chinese the dragon originated in their middle kingdom and has always had five toes. The dragon by nature is a gregarious creature who wanders the earth.

However, the farther it goes from China, the more toes it loses. Hence, when it reached Korea it only had four toes and by the time it got to Japan it only had three. This also explains why it never made it to Europe or the Americas in that by the time it got that far it had lost all of its toes and could not walk.”

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