Escape Pear Room

Well here’s something new. It’s not a Selfdefiant game and it’s not a map. It’s what I’m calling a toon through.

In this game the zoom tool is your friend especially when you’re trying to grab the puzzle piece from from the Santa in the cuckoo clock. Another note I have about the game is really about the cruelty of the game makers. Let me direct your attention to the bedroom and the “clicking challenge”. It’s hard enough to do this once but because you must clear your inventory to proceed in the game you are required to do it twice! That’s cruel.

A few more notes follow this picture.

Here is a link to the game on If you read through the comments made by the posters you might get a hint of a certain kind of stoicism setting in, a hunkering down, if you will, a realization that this is going to take a long time and an attitude that says, “Gamers, u gotta have game!” because no matter how many hints and solutions and walkthroughs you get, you’re still going to have to do some things for yourself. I hope you enjoy this game and that my t00n-through helps you.


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I could get to like this.
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