Escape Rockaway Reef

This is a map in progress. Which has somehow been deleted, but the final map is still OK.

Here is the updated map. (Comments, links and such to follow after work today.)

Below is an update which may or may not work.

I am taking a long time to make the update and I blame this project:

Which started with this image:

And then was updated to this image

Which looks like this when you apply something photoshop calls “ray traced”:

Once you learn what ray traced is you can start exploring “materials”, (a photoshop term that lets you choose the look of your object between metal, plastic, wood and such), then you can play around with the 3d lights and come up with something like this:

It’s time now to have fun with the image and the lights (and also, if you’re me, to admire anybody who can do this type of stuff with any kind of alacrity). You might end up with images that look like this:


Now you put them all together and get this:

And what’s wrong with this image? What’s wrong with it is there are 10 separate 3d images which don’t cast shadows onto each other. We have to combine them into a single layer and then start playing with the lights.

But before we address that issue let’s go back and take a look at a little feature in cs5 3d called “ground plane catches shadow”. Of what possible use is this? I mean! It just got in the way when I was drawing this:

I actually deleted the image that had the ground plane bisecting it and creating some strange shadows I just wanted to show you this picture. It's not the worst thing I've ever done.

But being the clever little rabbit that I am, I discovered that if you juxtapose the object and the ground plane and fiddle around with the lights you can make it cast a shadow that looks realistic… thusly:

Getting back to my previous topic, the trick is to combine all the layers……  (a very long time)… into a single object, then using what you know about the light and the ground plane you can come up with an image like this;

And the problem with this image is… well, I’ve lost the nice golden sheen the boxes had and there aren’t quite enough shadows. So now I have repositioned the boxes and started messing with the lighting, and here is where I am now;


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