Sneaky’s Expedition 3

Whoa! Once again Selfdefiant has hit it out of the park! with this game. There is mystery and intrigue both inside and outside. I’ll explain what I mean after you look at my mapthrough.

When I said I’d explain after you look at my map, what I really meant was I would explain after you look at my map and I get some sleep, then go to work, then come home, finish my chores, and get a chance to sit down at the computer again.

It’s later than I planned but here I go:

Bands Around Their Trunks

The first thing that caught my attention was the pictures of the palm trees with bands around their trunks.

What could be the reason for them? Well… as it turns out, they are there to prevent coconuts from falling on tourist’s heads. Death by coconut may or may not be a laughing matter but it is taken seriously enough that the trees are banded so that these little critters

can’t climb up the tree and gnaw on the stems of the fruit, (drupe actually) causing them to fall and hopefully break open resulting in a succulent meal for the rodent. And, less hopefully, a concussion for the tourist.


While I was playing the game I noticed this ad hanging off to the side. The similarity of the images really caught my eye. I haven’t been able to find out anything about the painting but if the image in the ad wasn’t created by Maritza Campos I’ll eat my hat.


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