Axend 2 – The Book of Curses

This is me having just finished this game. There’s still more work to do on the mapthrough, obviously, but the most glaring error is that I haven’t told you, once you have placed all the gems in the book of curses, (no order necessary), you then open it to find a wand that will get you out of this place. Anyway, here’s what I have so far:

And now I will show you my next map. The green path is where you start, then yellow, blue and white. What you do after that is still up in the air:

I think I’m getting punchy. I haven’t done any serious map making in the last few hours. Here is what I have done:

See that map up there? I just changed it, now it has 100% more white gems. And now it has the elusive wand.

Now new:


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