Sneaky’s Expedition 4

You know… once I finish a mapthrough to a wonderful game like this one, the next time I play it, it takes me about 1/10 of the time. Maybe I should get a life.

But until that happens, here is take #1 on this beautiful new game.

Yeah good luck finding that!

As you can see, there is still some work to do. First I’m going to get us some bottles of beer, I mean ale. I know I could use some, I hope you feel the same.

I know I promised to do more work on this mapthrough. But. Those bottles of beer I put in the above map, were cut and pasted. Which is not my style. Usually. So here is the bottle I have just drawn. or Drafted. or Composed. or Whatever it is I do:

This image is now clickable!

I’m happy with it right up until the middle of the neck. Then it sorta falls apart. I can fix it but right now the birds outside my window are waking up and it is time for me to sleep.

And now the final map:

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I could get to like this.
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