Beautiful Treasures

The astonishing new game by Selfdefiant is here. Whatever he’s smoking I want some!

I may have gotten a little carried away with this mapthrough, so perhaps it’s not my best work, but it is playable. I’ve gone through it twice, so I can assure you that everything you need to know is in there somewhere… (with one small exception – I only ever found 99 gold coins!) So without further ado, here it is:


The trick to this game is to change the eye colour of the lion heads. When you want to go through room “H” all the lions eyes should be yellow. When you want to get the red gemstone all the lions eyes should be green.

It’s OK to read this:

I don’t know the trick to opening the paint can, I just used the SD and clicked around the edge like a mad fool until it opened.

Thanks for looking at my mapthrough. This one took me a long time to make. How long? Well, here’s my score:

<Am I ridiculous or what>


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