Escape Tropical Island

Here is the new game by Selfdefiant and it’s a doozy! I made a huge map not in area but in  kilobytes. I’ve scaled it down to show it here. So now I’ll show you the map and then I’ll explain a few things I wasn’t able to  make clear in the graphic. Here we go:

In the game some numbers change. When you see a “#” or a “?” that means those numbers change with each game. You’re going to have to record those numbers yourself. The second thing I’d like to explain is the SWITCHES… they all have to be in the down position, (the switch in “S” is already in the correct position), and when they are that opens the hidden safes in “Q” and “B”.

One more note, this is late because I forgot to hit command save often enough, I lost about 5 hours of work late last night.


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I could get to like this.
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