Escape Long Island

Well the adventures continue. First things first, this wonderfully fun game can be found here. And my mapthrough can be found here:


Second things second, (keep reading, there is something here). You all know that I frequently take advantage of the posts made by the escapers here:, when I am stuck. I love their friendly and discursive style. When I need their help I open a new tab and log on to the site and read all the posts from the beginning until I get to the place where they’re addressing the problem I’m having. I make a note of who it was that helped me, (in this case it was @zoz who pointed me to the coin I was missing in “R” {ty zoz}), then I tab back to the game, keeping the EG24 tab open, and continue with my efforts. When I’m done I go back to the EG24 tab and continue reading the posts, not always, but usually.  I’m glad I did do that this time because I discovered a new poster there who is writing what I can only call a storythrough.  The escaper posts under the name Layla. She is witty, wry and fast, go check it out, I advise you.

Third things third. This post is late because I hit don’t save instead of save. I’m an idiot.


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I could get to like this.
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