Sneaky’s Sea Escape

I’m still working on the mapthrough for this wonderful new game by the master. I think everything is in order, but if it isn’t I’ll fix it in the near future. So now look at my 1st attempt and please take notice of the background image:

I named the room that I took this image from, “Thor’s Cavern”, can you see his face just above the word Sneaky in the title?

Incase you can’t see what I see…

And please try to ignore that it looks like Thor has a bust and is wearing a tutu.

Here is my latest attempt:

So… Thor called.     He seemed a  l i t t l e upset.    Apparently   I had misinterpreted the ferociousness of his godly self, implied in the image of him brandishing a war hammer, as something more comical. I now see the error of my ways. As an atonement I now offer you this gif image with hardly a bosom or frilly dance dress to be seen:


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I could get to like this.
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