Alpha Escape

The Story of Alpha Escape

not so much a mapthrough

It all started with the game, of course. And then it became something more. When a young *ahem*, a slightly, middle aged man, hunkering down in his private bivouac did play said game a germ of an idea crept into his mind, to wit: “Nobody could make a mapthrough of this game!” Was he right or was he wrong? Could he do it?! Could any youngish slightly middle aged man make a mapthrough of this complex game? Only time would tell.

As it turns out, a long time. For what he decided to do was to eschew his reliance on photoshop and turn instead to illustrator to create the images in the game.

He also further decided that perhaps some photoshop 3d images would not be amiss.

And eventually after hours of joyful toil he came up with this page;

But that was not the end of it, not by a long shot! For the rooms had to be made, and here he abandoned his principles and went back to photoshop. After stealing, I mean, lifting the wall tile pattern from Selfdefiant’s game and adding a floor to mimic the one shown in the game, he came up with a room that looked like this:

Finally all the elements were there. The only thing left to do was to combine them and configure a layout. Would it be a mapthrough? Not on your life! Would it be a logical step by step illustration of the way through the game? Not that either. What he settled on was a picture. A picture of the entire game and here it is:


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