Abandoned Escape

Here we have another fantastic new game by the master, Selfdefiant. This one is large. Sometimes tricky, (I got help from the escapers over at EscapeGames24.com, thank you @Casual). And as always, beautiful. But there is one room in particular I would like to discuss, or examine, after we look at my mapthrough:

I know I promised to discuss and examine a certain thing, a piece of art work actually, in this space. However the day is dawning and I have promises to keep, so I’ll come back to this topic ere I sleep.

This is the room. It was found and captured by Andre Govia whose photostream can be found here. Warning!! Don’t go there unless you have hours to spare! See that there? That is a serious warning. I previewed this post, just to see if the link was good and then spent the rest of the hour looking at all the captivating content. Again.

I promise you I have been beetling away at this project. I’m focusing on the heraldic design in the middle of the fireplace mantle. The lion rampant was easy to find but the eagle displayed is proving somewhat harder. I’ll take it up on the morrow. Till then…

Well, that didn’t work. And it’s several morrows later…

I thought if I knocked up, I mean, cobbled together a vague representation of the shield,

Thanks to gnu public licence the lion and eagle were downloaded from the net. They are: a lion rampant, from S@m, and an eagle displayed, from Flanker. Both of them are .svg files.

google would obligingly lead me to the family or manor or principality or something that the crest belonged to. Nope.  According to google, there isn’t even a crimson and gold shield! So that’s a bust.


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