Aloha Escape

In this challenging new game, Selfdefiant, (whom I hope heals up real soon), hid the green gemstone in a not so obvious place! Who found it for me? And what was the biggest challenge for the early players? I’ll tell you after we look at my map:

Thanks to @miles1 who posted his answer at

Now, if you read the posts at said website you will notice that there was a huge problem with the arrow puzzle box. The clue Selfdefiant intended to include in the game was not there! But the intrepid escapers at EG24 managed to solve it anyway. Using the clue in “F” @magi c solved it using this method, explained by @JennaBaker this way;

That also works. And random clicking does not. Not for me. Now I’m going to go and work on a flowery border.



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