Escape Volcano Island

First off, this is another wonderful game from Selfdefiant. He puts so much work into composing them that I don’t know how he keeps it up. I can hardly keep up with the maps, and I don’t even map every game that he makes. On this game I tried an experiment that I will never try again, I’ll tell you more after we look at my map:

Thanks to EG24 escapers @raasti and @broubrou zep for the marble in D and the orange gemstone respctively!

So what I tried was to do was… no wait, first I’ll tell you what I usually do. Usually I play the game and make the map while I’m playing. I start with the “Start Here” room, give it a title and make note of the rooms that connect to it and add them to my map. They’re blank now, I haven’t entered them yet. I then go back to the first room and start filling it with objects. If I have a ready made image, (for instance the gold coins), I’ll drop them in immediately. If I don’t have a prefab image I’ll write a little note in the room to say what the image is. I also make a note if there’s something you need to do! I continue on in this fashion until I find the in game map. Then I’ll stop the game and make a complete map with all the rooms labeled with their letter names and the path that runs between them. This works well for me I enter a room, give it a descriptive title, (something that catches my eye), then add the gold pieces or orbs then start filling it with images and notes.

Here is a partially finished map that I totally forgot I was going to finish!

Not this time. This time I wanted to watch TV on one monitor while I played the game on the other. So I thought I’ll just make notes on the in game map and have and easier time of making the complete map later. The plan might have worked if I had kept better notes. The plan might have worked if I hadn’t mistakenly right clicked in the game which brought up an Adobe flash player box that I couldn’t make go away. I had to restart the game and lost my notes. But this plan was doomed to failure because I didn’t write descriptive titles and I didn’t write down what actions to take and because I decided to rely on my memory and restarted the game from where I had left off. So when I finally finished making my map, (which at first I thought was pretty good) I found myself disoriented a lot of the time. I don’t go from room “G” to “H” to “I”, because there’s nothing to tell you which room you’re in. I go from room “Round Mirror”, to “Teardrop Lamp” to ” Table Foliage”. And since I didn’t write down “use Sd” in “O” I had to searching for the vent. That is when I made a solemn vow never to make a map like this again! But you know when the real fun started? When I finished the game with 66 coins. One missing coin. I don’t like to publish a map with a coin missing, I think I’ve done it once, but the prospect of doing another room to room search didn’t appeal to me at all. The thing that narrowed my search was that I remembered there was one sneakily hidden coin at the bottom left of one of the screens, next to the down arrow bar and I couldn’t remember having found it this time. The thing that hampered my search was that I forgot one of the rooms had 5 coins. So I looked in each room that had a down arrow and only 3 coins. Without any luck. Then purely on a whim I looked in room “O”. It already had 4 coins, but there is a down arrow. Thank my-lack-of-God… there it was.

Enjoy this map. I’m never making one like it again.


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