Aspen Secret

Here is the latest game by Selfdefiant. I hope you find the mapthrough helpful.

Aspen Secret

There may be some observations coming later but for now I must to bed!!

I Was Wrong

I have whittled my observations down to one. And it has to do with this room:

geometry perspective

Which I thought would be fun to play with using Illustrator’s perspective tool. After tenaciously frolicking away for a while, this is what I came up with…

perspective room

Now if I have all the planes in the right position I should be able to make a crude copy of the room, n’est-ce pas?

geometry-perspectiveWell, yes. Crude being the operative word. But there’s something odd about this room. Do you see that ceiling beam on the left? In my picture you can only see the bottom of it but in the photograph you can also see the left hand side and try as I might I could not get that same perspective to render in my drawing. You see, the vanishing point for the side walls is directly in line with said beam so unless the beam is skewed or slanted, a person standing under it should only be able to see the bottom of it. I think there has been some photo manipulation going on here. Not that that’s a bad thing, it makes for a very nice picture, it certainly caught my eye.

Just by the way, if there was some photo manipulation going on in that picture it was way better than in this picture:

frosted bathroom doorsI Was Wrong

And here is the proof:

I was wrongNow I get to redraw the whole scene, which will take some time. Time that I don’t have right now. I’ll get back to you. Does humble pie go well with egg nog? I’ll let you know.


Over at EG they call this the power of posting, that is, once you post a question or an observation you immediately realize the answer or a more correct observation on your own. And this is what happened to me, so here is the corrected image with the vanishing points in the proper place:



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