Abandoned Mansion


“You don’t want to leave! You are looking for treasure!” Well guess what, I found treasure besides the treasure hidden in the Abandoned Mansion! But first let’s look at the mapthrough for Selfdefiant’s fun and perplexing new game.

Abandoned Mansion

Before I explain about the other treasure let’s take a look at the puzzle of the Sacred Book. I thought the object was to click the letters in alphabetical order, so it would go E, F, O, R, V. And the number 7 meant that solving the puzzle would gain you the 7th gem. Well that didn’t work but I noticed that the little cursor hand blinked when I went from F to O to R then I worked out that E came after R and then came V. Realizing that the letters didn’t spell out a word I figured that I had to get the Crystal Ball and zap to each room then something would happen that would get me the orange gem. After futilely searching for enough orbs to buy the crystal ball I gave up and looked to the perspecacious ¬†posters at EscapeGames24.com to find the actual answer. Thanks Anja (Stu).

Now about that other treasure… this image:

Furhouse Manor Pipe Organ

seems to be work by not Andre Govia but rather an artist by the name of martyn smith and this excellent photo stream can be found here.


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