Crazy Cruise Escape

Do you know what’s crazy about the Crazy Cruise Escape? Wanting to escape! Oh well, I guess I’ll never understand how the mind of a super sneaky spy guy works.

In the mapthrough you will see I have included 2 red arrows. The one in the “Who’s at the Conn” room is meant to indicate where you have to click on one of the gold pieces to collect it. The other in the “Live Thirsty” room points out that you have to click on the bar display to gain the sneaky coin. By the way in this same room you have to look way at the bottom of the screen to find one of the gold coins.

Crazy Cruise Escape

The tarantula I use in the “Posing With A Statue” room came from an image I found posted by a deviantARTist, cybaBABE.


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I could get to like this.
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