Vacant Asylum

I know I’ve posted later mapthroughs than this but not for a long while. I have excuses but who cares about those? In a way I’m glad I didn’t post this as soon as it was finished because there was something I wanted to include but I couldn’t figure out how. You see, as advertised in the splash page, “…this place is crawling with paranormal activity.” and the shadow that appears in room “E”, the one with the pillars, well I think I recognize him. Unfortunately the room itself is too full for me to fit the ghost in with all the map things. It wasn’t until later I realized I could use him in another place. See if you can find him.

And now, the mapthrough to this wonderful new game:

Vacant Asylum

P.S. The background image comes from a creepy looking computer game called Asylum which looks like it might be right up our alley.

P.P.S. OK, one of the reasons this post is so late is because I have a new hobby:


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